Charles Chaplin

11 Jan

Last night, I watched Limelight (1952) for the first time, starring Charles Chaplin and Claire Bloom, of course, directed by Chaplin himself. It definitely is my favourite one of all his films, next to City Lights (1931). You see, I was introduced to Charlie Chaplin when I was a little girl, due to the huge love and fanatism my maternal grandparents feel towards him. To be absolutely honest, I wasn’t able to appreciate him when I was little, I didn’t pay much attention to his movies and I didn’t understand them. Luckily, today I can say I do, and I love Chaplin! I think he was a genius and that’s a fact no one can deny, I mean, come on, he was revolutionary, bold and funny, and he cared for his art very much, he was a perfectionist. I personally know people who dislike whim because of his marriages and affairs with extremely young women or because of the way he supposedly raised his children. To me, all those things are ridiculously unimportant, especially the fact that he liked really young girls; I believe everyone is free of loving whoever he wants and sleeping with whoever he chooses. Anyhow, this is a humble tribute to Chaplin, simply a bunch of beautiful pictures I found on Google and Tumblr.

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