It’s show time, folks!

1 Jan

All That Jazz is a 1979 American musical film directed by Bob Fosse. The screenplay by Robert Alan Aurthur and Fosse is a semi-autobiographical fantasy based on aspects of Fosse’s life and career as dancer, choreographer and director. The film was inspired by Bob Fosse’s manic effort to edit his film Lenny while simultaneously staging the 1975 Broadway musical Chicago, which produced him a heart attack.

To me, Bob Fosse is perfection, therefore, I think All That Jazz is perfect. No, it’s not my favourite film, but I tell you, it is flawless. I love Roy Scheider, the fact that he isn’t more popular these days saddens me; I’m so glad Fosse decided to give him the part. Ann Reinking is just hypnotizing, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. Jessica Lange is lovely, she was the right choice for Angelique. Anyhow, Leland Palmer, Erzsebet Foldi, the whole cast is fabulous! One thing I truly like about the movie, is that basically the whole cast -except Scheider and Lithgow- are theatre people, not movie stars, people who know how the theatre is really like. The musical numbers are rather simple, yet quite stunning, all courtesy of Fosse.

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