…One guy just wants to kill her.

30 Dec

Klute is a 1971 film which tells the story of a prostitute who assists a detective in solving a missing person’s case. It stars Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Charles Cioffi and Roy Scheider. The movie was written by Andy Lewis and Dave Lewis and directed by Alan J. Pakula.

I adore 1970’s gritty films about corruption, crimes and murders, and Klute is definitely one of the best. It’s one of my favourite films, simply incredible. The truth is I love Jane Fonda and I’m not ashamed of it, she’s amazing and, in my opinion, this is the performance of her career. Then, we have Donald Sutherland, who is one of the many great and terribly underrated actors cinema has. One of the things I like about the film is that, although it’s not a horror movie at all, it scares me an awful lot, I get completely paranoid every time I watch it. Alan J. Pakula is a wonderful director, and he achieved that fear/paranoia factor with every thriller he directed, which is great. I’m very fond of Roy Scheider, he’s always perfect for whatever part he plays and I think he uses the short time he has on screen perfectly well. The character Fonda plays, Bree Daniels, is a terrific one, I’d give anything to interpret her, and don’t get me started on her clothes… fabulously stylish.

Anyhow, I always pay loads of attention to the way films are shot, their aesthetic and visuals, sometimes too much. I like the way Klute was filmed, it’s rather normal but it looks quite good, it has the right colors and close-ups.

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